2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Spirals in ancient stonework from Newgrange, Ireland Ancient spirals, Newgrange, Ireland

Sunday 9th to Saturday 15th April, 2017
Emmaus Retreat Centre, Dublin, Ireland

We invite all teachers of the Alexander Technique (and trainees) to participate in a gathering designed to frame the original principles of F.M. Alexander within the evolution of contemporary ideas and developments. For the first convention in 2013, we had teachers attending from Ireland, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Chile, Australia, Canada and the USA.

This meeting offers the worldwide community of Alexander teachers the opportunity to enjoy the work of seven unique teachers of the Alexander Technique as well as to engage in sharing their own knowledge with colleagues from around the globe.

"Six or seven places in my books I have made a remark which no one ever seems to remember, is that ends come by themselves... they cannot help but come by themselves."
F. M. Alexander

The Convention is designed to deepen your understanding and advance your teaching and communication skills to empower you in taking Alexander's principles forward into the future without losing the essence of the Work. The structure of this week-long convention includes daily workshops, open-minded discussions, work exchanges and networking opportunities which will foster a sense of community, sharing, laughter and integration of learning.

The Emmaus Retreat Centre is an intimate setting only a ten-minute taxi-ride away from Dublin International Airport. It rests in beautiful rural grounds, offering quiet tree-lined pathways, landscaped gardens and a river walk. The Centre is 15 minutes away by car from the historic City of Dublin and 30 minutes from the Megalithic site of Newgrange. We look forward to seeing you there!

Presenters include:

Registration is now open.. Please be aware that there are a limited number of places, and registration will close when these are filled. Registration is available on the Registration page.