2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Anthony Kingsley MSTAT, BSc, MA

Picture of Anthony Kingsley, Alexander Technique teacher


After training with Shmuel Nelkin and Shaike Hermalin in Israel, Anthony moved to London and was invited to teach at the Barlow's Alexander Institute in 1987.

Anthony has been training teachers since 1989. In 2004, he opened the Alexander Teacher Training School in central London.

Anthony is also a qualified psychotherapist and has a powerful mind-body approach to the Alexander Technique. He is a specialist in what Doctors refer to as 'somatisation', and is particularly passionate about the potential of Alexander work for emotional healing.

Anthony offers workshops and seminars internationally. Most recently he offered the Continuous Learning Modules at the 10th International Alexander Technique Congress in Limerick 2015.

Anthony's other lifetime interests include universal philosophy and Manchester United - not necessarily in that order.

He has been privileged to have learned from Patrick Macdonald, Bill and Marjory Barlow, Miss Goldie and Walter Carrington.

His main Teachers today are his students and pupils and of course his 2 children, Harry (4) and Zac (2) who keep his feet firmly on the ground, and ensure he doesn't take himself too seriously!

Anthony is also the producer of the Alexander DVD From Stress to Freedom.

Website: www.alexander-technique-london.co.uk

Opening Lecture on Sunday 9th April:

  • The 4 Quadrants: Alexander problems, Alexander Solutions

    In this lecture Anthony will address the following questions:

    What sort of change are we hoping to bring about with our work?
    How best can we promote these changes?

    In Alexander's later writings, he was very clear that the problems that he was concerned with were essentially psychophysical rather than simply postural. Anthony will suggest a model to clarify what these problems are and will suggest a solution-based psychophysical approach to working with these problems.

    He will explore what Alexander may have meant by 'a change in thinking', and how this can animate our work in a way that can lead to profound changes in our way of being in the world.

    Anthony is particularly inspired by a relational approach to Teaching, and considers this to be a vital ingredient in the Alexander process. He will discuss why he believe this to be a guiding principle in Teaching the Alexander Technique.


  • Rethinking our approach to Teaching

    Anthony will introduce a series of practical and theoretical elements he has been working with for a number of years in his school in London UK. These ideas and procedures include a different semantic approach to the Alexander Technique but hopefully remaining faithful to Alexander's vision.

    These workshops will cover a number of topics:
  • What does Psychophysical Unity actually mean in practice?
  • What are the essential ingredients that need to be constant in our Teaching?
  • What are the variables in a Teaching practice that are open to artistic and individual differences?
  • How do we Teach without evoking fear reactions?
  • How can we Teach without evoking end-gaining efforts?
  • What is the real purpose of using our hands?
  • And how can we use words that support or amplify our hands-on work without confusion?

    The main aim of this workshop is to explore what we are doing as Teachers, and how to become more clear about our role as Teachers. He hopes to be able to inspire and support a growing confidence and excitement about our work.