2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Francien Schoonens

Picture of Francien Schoonens, Alexander Technique and Zen stretching teacher


Francien is a naturally gifted teacher and tackles each problem with laughter and kindness. She loves exploring new and exciting ways to move and happily challenges stereotyped habits of behaviour patterns without judgement. Whatever activity you are involved in, you are sure to find a new, better and easier way of doing it ... that's for sure!

Francien trained at ATA in London in the early 1980s under Don Burton. She now teaches the Alexander Technique in The Hague, Netherlands and has taught in England, Spain, the USA, Australia, France and Crete.

She has given workshops and individual lessons to a wide range of people including diplomats, doctors, nurses, office workers, swimmers, cyclists, runners, singers, instrumentalists, children, not to mention Chinese acrobats, ballet dancers, modern dancers and tango dancers.

Francien also was the director of her own training course in Holland for a number of years.

Early Morning Sessions

Zen stretching
  • Zen Stretching
    This is a form of gentle and simple exercise designed to stimulate the energy flow in the Yin/Yang pair of meridians. It is done in an non-endgaining way using inhibition and direction, involving a slow contraction of some muscles which run along the meridian lines. Zen Stretching increases general energy levels and awareness.