2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Giora Pinkas

Picture of Giora Pinkas, Alexander Technique teacher


Lessons with Shmuel Nelken and Rika Cohen during 1962-3 sparked an interest, which led to training with Patrick Macdonald between 1964 and 67.

Giora then taught in London and Germany before returning to Israel to establish a thriving practice. In 1972 he moved with his family (for two years, he thought) to California, where he's been stuck ever since.

In 1974 he helped establish in San Francisco what has since become the international standard for teacher-training. In the ensuing years he also trained teachers in Germany. Since the 80's he's been a regular guest-teacher/consultant in a number of training courses throughout Europe. His long-time interests and experiences beyond the Technique include dance, music, psychology, meditation and spirituality. He is the director of the Alexander Educational Center - which offers teacher training and refresher courses, and is located in Berkeley, California.

Website: alexandertechnique.org


  • Real Education is Healing

    This workshop could be described as a 'Re-Merthing' seminar for AT teachers.
    Giora will demonstrate and explain how his teaching, using 'old fashioned' AT procedures, is informed by a view of the Whole, including the emotional Centre.