2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Glenna Batson, PT, ScD, MA, mAmSAT, ATI cert


Picture of Glenna Batson, Alexander Technique teacher, dancing in ballroom showcase, October 2015

For more than a third of a century, Glenna Batson has drawn from many movement disciplines and cognitive studies as catalysts for teaching, research, and artistic and personal growth. The principles of the Alexander Technique have empowered her learning regardless of subject. Since qualifying in 1989, Glenna has taught in trainings in 10 countries. Through Alexander practice, discussion and reflection, she renders complex ideas accessible and practical – the most potent idea being that choice exerts itself at the very spark of life.


Workshop Series

  • The Curves of the Spine:
    The dynamical intersection of biology and sacred mystery

    At the heart of our learning lies knowledge that we can use – embodied, empowering, enfolded into life, and (ideally) effortless.

    The Alexander Technique embeds principles that form the root of this learning. These principles guide any practice or activity.

    Experiential anatomy is one common body of knowledge we practice. It is one pathway into realizing human potential and grounding relationships. Experiential practice of anatomy is not about explaining what or why things are, but rather eliciting how we hold unnecessary effort that masks a more autonomous use of self. These patterns begin at our very prenatal origins and continue to shape our Use throughout our lives.

    In this class series, we'll revisit the anatomical body not as parts, but as interpenetrating dynamics that evolve throughout the lifespan. The focus will be on the counterbalancing curves of the spine. Theory will draw from the work of biologist Dr. Jaap van der Wal on embryonic development. This will extend our concept of Use beyond Western anatomy and biomechanics. Practice will be informed by Glenna's experiential explorations into fractal consciousness through bodily folding. Through sharing our embodied knowledge in relationship with self and others, we'll come to understand the source of agency and choice.