2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Jeando Masoero

Picture of Jeando Masoero, Alexander Technique teacher


Jeando was born in 1959, he studied Math and Technic, which gave him a strong liking for reasoning and solving problems. By 1986, he ran his own communications company, helping French high tech companies translate scientific concepts into plain ideas.

Jeando's interest in the Alexander Technique arose in 1980 when he read a scientific paper by a dental surgeon who recommended the Technique as a 'unique solution to the coordination's problem.' He subsequently ordered FM's books. In 1992, he moved to England to study with Ray Evans and Ron Coyler and after qualifying in 1997 he assisted Ray for three more years on the training course. During this time he translated and published Alexander's four books into French. In 2006, Jeando started a training course in southern France and continued to devote his time to building a scientific understanding of Alexander's writing and developing psycho-mechanical procedures for working with people with severe psychophysical handicaps (ASD, DCD, epilepsy, brain injuries) and with or without verbal language. Three scientists influence his work: LS Vygotsky (pedagogy, methodology), AR Luria (Neuro-psychology), NA Bernstein (bio-mechanics). Due to this work, his pedagogy has been transformed. Today, he teaches using hands-on only with pupil with severe cognitive disorders. Otherwise, he teaches using language and geometry in French, English and Spanish.


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