2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Trisha Hemingway

Picture of Trisha Hemingway, Alexander Technique teacher


Trisha Hemingway MSTAT trained with Walter and Dilys Carrington during the 1970s.

Now a STAT Moderator to training courses she has specialised in work with performers and has over 35 years of experience of teaching the Technique to gifted teenage musicians in boarding school music education.

She has taught in Sweden's Helsingborg State Theatre, the Gotenborg Opera House and more extensively a 5 year project with Umeå's concert musicians and opera singers in Norrlands Symphony Orchestra in the far north of Sweden.

She has mentored and worked alongside Scandinavian teachers for more than 20 years.

Her home base and practice is in the regional city of Exeter in the beautiful south-west peninsula of England. A Pimlico practice in London is her latest venture.

Trisha's workshops are not only very informative. They are also great fun.


  • Lessons from a balance board
    Trisha's workshop will explore the use of the balance board in teaching which was introduced to her at the Carrington School at Lansdowne Road in the late 70s. The balance board is usually great entertainment and education for both participant and audience alike. Not only a useful tool for a pupil's improved awareness, balance and co-ordination, it can help to reveal many stereotyped habit patterns that have previously gone unnoticed. Trisha's favourite teaching aid and 'last ditch ally', it has been continuously used by her for more than 35 years. She maintains it is '6 lessons in 1' and the closest a human comes to flying - so if you participate in this session - hold on to your hats!