2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Picture of Wolfgang Weiser, Alexander Technique teacher


Wolfgang Weiser trained in England and Germany between 1993 and 97. He is an internationally recognised Alexander Technique teacher and works at training courses in England and Ireland, as well as giving workshops for professional development all over Europe. He has taught the AT at the Theatre University of Stockholm and worked with dancers and musicians all over Sweden. Prior experience includes working as a performer, actor, dancer and juggler since 1984. He also holds a BA in Education in Theatre and is researching movement formation in Educational Science, as well running a residential project on the Island of Gotland where he gives summer courses.

Website: www.alexanderteknik.weiser.se


  • Being 'U-Man On the Wire: Questioning the Meaning in Procedural Activities
    Walking, sitting, standing and monkey, are standard procedural activities in teaching the Alexander technique. In this workshop we will explore around the meaning of these activities in a reframing context. Our work is about how use affects function and we use the means whereby to achieve an end. But is this always meaningful in itself? By changing the meaning and circumstances of these activities, not the activity in itself, we investigate how use and function is changing. It is an exploring into the unfamiliarity of standing a bit higher up, sitting off the ground or walking on the wire of a tightrope.