2nd International Alexander Teachers Convention in Dublin, Ireland, April 2017
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Yehuda Kuperman

Picture of Yehuda Kuperman, Alexander Technique teacher


Yehuda graduated in May 1967, at 16 Ashley Place with Patrick Macdonald. It took years of sharing with his students to understand that the physical senses of joy he felt from his touch, was the taste of spirit. Spirit, which exists in pure and honoured togetherness. The combination of two distinct areas which Yehuda studied as a young man, religion and later on physical education is probably what motivated him to look for the connection between body and spirit. The experience he had in his first lessons, touched the suppressed aspects of his hidden wishes. In this workshop he will share his experience of the last 50 years teaching the technique.


  • The Teaching Touch
    'Teach' and 'touch' are almost Siamese twins. Teaching our art consist of continual experiments, which bypasses 'thinking' and touches directly the sensation – the inner wisdom which leads to a new understanding.
    This is a contact in which the student meets his independence and abilities, especially while he is in contact with company - the teacher - being together as a means to be with one's own self.
    The relationship between the teacher and his students sets the tone for the relationship between the various parts of the body. Each part needs an assurance of its territorial integrity. When peace will be present amongst all parts, the energy will stream and unify all the independent parts to a family of organs - in one man.
    This understanding is expressed by what defines the A.T – DIRECTION. Direction which is not just a means to achieve a target, but it is the target itself. The deepest sense of direction is the praying of man asking for the strength to direct